Like it or not, politics plays a big factor in our daily lives –fisheries issues are no different!  The fishing problems we face today that frustrate you as an angler are mainly political problems that require a political solution to fix.  Being an active ‘card-carrying’ member of the RFA gives you a voice in the political process on Capitol Hill; your individual membership is our currency when walking through the door to visit a member of Congress and other key decision makers.
Think of it this way – if there are 10 million saltwater anglers in the United States, imagine if just 10% were active, dues-paying, card-carrying members of the Recreational Fishing Alliance?  Do you think a Congressman, Senator or the President of the United States could easily ignore the political presence of 1 million strong?


Whether you’re an individual saltwater angler, a charter or party boat captain, owner of a tackle shop or marina, president of your local fishing club, or just a coastal citizen concerned about protecting the culture and traditions of recreational fishing in America, then you are already represented and covered under the RFA mission statement.
The RFA mission statement is our constitution; it’s a solemn pledge that our staff and volunteers nationwide keep to in every decision and position that we take on behalf of our fellow members:

To safeguard the rights of saltwater anglers, protect marine, boat and tackle industry jobs, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our nation’s fisheries.

The mission was established on the very day that the RFA was founded back in 1996 as a grassroots political action organization.  Unlike your local fishing club or conservation group, RFA was founded as a 501(C)(4) organization to carry out our intended political purpose to meet the mission.
If you’ve ever stood up and argued on behalf of your freedom to fish, then you’re giving benefit to the RFA just by becoming a member.  In turn, you get the benefit of knowing that you’re with like-minded patriots like you who believe that saltwater fishing in America is more than just a privilege, it’s your right!
RFA has been fighting for our freedom to fish for nearly 20 years; the benefit of joining RFA is peace-of-mind that someone’s looking out for you on Capitol Hill, and the grassroots power that we provide through local chapters gives you the benefit of actually participating the political process as much or as little as you would like.


First of all, we’ll send you the membership card; unless you join for 3 years, then we’ll also include a hat.  More importantly, RFA will provide you with regular updates on fisheries issues in your region, we’ll email alerts and occasionally ask you to submit comments to the government or fisheries council on behalf of you and your fellow members.
We’ll send our quarterly electronic newsletter to your email address that contains important information from the recreational fishing community. And we’ll often offer special benefits exclusive to our members on behalf of our partners in the recreational fishing industry, in addition to periodic raffles and prize drawings exclusively for RFA supporters.  What you get for joining RFA, most importantly, is individual political power as a member of a national team of hardcore saltwater anglers who believe in fair and open public access to our national resources.
No arbitrary closures, no bureaucratic neglect of the resource, no legislative intrusion on our God-given right to sustainable and ongoing access to our marine resource.  There are laws for which we could easily choose not to abide – at the RFA, we believe that broken government can be fixed through our U.S. Constitution, and by the very basic tenets of the RFA mission itself!

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