No one could have predicted the challenges thrown at New Jersey’s salt water anglers and fishing industry in 2020 due to COVID-19.  Arguably more than ever before a strong voice was needed in Trenton to fight on our behalf.  As “ground zero” of the pandemic the risk of a total closure of our mom and pop bait and tackle shops was real.  Party and charter boats were dry docked and unsure when they’d be able to sail again.  The RFA-NJ Chapter, working alongside our friends at CLB Partners, were more than willing to fight on their behalf while continuing to push other initiatives at the same time.
The Recreational Fishing Alliance is a grass roots 501(c)4 political action organization with a simple mission:  to safeguard the rights of saltwater anglers, protect marine, boat, and tackle industry jobs, and ensure the long term sustainability of our fisheries.  To accomplish this we need your support.  We’re asking individuals to sign up and become members of RFA and businesses and clubs to make a monetary donation to assist us in our lobbying efforts.  Help us help you and ensure that our youth will have the same opportunities that we’ve enjoyed as salt water anglers.  
                                                New Jersey Chapter of Recreation Fishing Alliance
Non Profit Chapter of the National RFA that specifically represents NJ anglers interests in Trenton 
      – All volunteer NJ board with no salaries 
      – Raises funds for political influence in Trenton    
Uses Funds and Energy in a Variety of Ways  
     – Influencing and supporting political campaigns and elections
     – Applying political influence to fishing related legislation
     – Hired a lobbyist in 2020
 Recent Accomplishments
     – Early reopening of fishing related businesses during Covid Pandemic 
          . Curbside bait pick up for tackle stores 
          . Limited load charter and party boat fishing 
     – Held the line on NJ Fluke regulations allow NJ angers to keep 18 inch fish
     – Allowing NJ to have regulations that can be different then surrounding states 
 Help Us Continue the Fight for You
Please consider a donation to the RFA NJ Chapter.  100% of all donations made through this page and button below go directly to the RFA NJ Chapter.