Register Now for the RFA-CT Scup & Black Sea Bass Shoot Out!

When:  October 10rd – November 1st
Entry Fee:  $10 per angler
Waters Open to the Event: Long Island Sound & Fishers Island Sound

How it works – catch the biggest scup or sea bass and win the pool.   $10 fee is divided between the scup and sea bass divisions.   RFA takes $2 per entry to fund specific RFA-CT activities.  $4 per each entry goes into the scup and sea bass pools.  The more anglers in the more you win. 1 winner per species!
Anglers must be registered before any fish are weighed-in.
Sign up on line by clicking on the Pay Now button below;


You can also register at the following participating weigh in stations:

For more information on the Scup & Black Sea Bass Shoot Out and upcoming RFA-CT events including a chapter meeting and tog tagging event, contact RFA-CT Chapter Chairman Jack Conway at (203) 484-9455 or