Recreational fishermen all over the coast are tired of being denied access to our fisheries. Federal management under the Magnuson – Stevens Act must be overhauled and common sense regulation must take its place.

If you’re sick and tired of;

Shortened seasons

Flawed data being used for management decisions

Unfair zone delineation

Commercial money winning ownership of our fish stocks

Sector Separation

Limited Entry

Please join us and our RFA members all over the country in DEMANDING FEDERAL FISHERIES REFORM.


If we’re going to win, we need everyone, including you. Everyone can help in some way. Do you want to;


Fish without needing a lawyer present?

Protect the sport of fishing for the next generation?

Enjoy a balance between conservation and access?

See the end of Snapper Barons and cronyism?

Protect fishing industry jobs?

You can help by donating just $1, $5, $10… whatever amount you feel is right to fight for your right to access our nation’s fisheries. If we stick together, we can win.

Donate today! No amount is too small.