The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission seeks your input on the initiation of Amendment 7 to the Atlantic Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan. This is your opportunity to inform the Commission by public comment about changes observed in the fishery, actions you feel should or should not be taken in terms of management, regulation, enforcement, and research, and any other concerns you have about the resource or the fishery, as well as the reasons for your concerns. The Draft Amendment proposes options to address the following issues: management triggers, recreational release mortality, stock rebuilding plan, and conservation equivalency. Comments must be received by 5:00 PM (EST) on April 9, 2021. Please click here to download the full Public Information doc.

You may submit public comment in one or more of the following ways:

1. Attend public hearings pertaining to your state or jurisdiction; given COVID-19, it’s likely most hearings will occur via webinar.

2. Refer comments to your state’s members on the Atlantic Striped Bass Board or Atlantic Striped Bass Advisory Panel, if applicable.

3. Mail, fax, or email written comments to the following address: Emilie Franke Fishery Management Plan Coordinator Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission 1050 North Highland Street, Suite 200A-N Arlington, Virginia 22201 Fax: 703.842.0741 (subject line: Striped Bass PID)

If you have any questions please call Emilie Franke at 703.842.0740.