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The industry is divided, Congress has not been willing to act on Magnuson reform during the past 7 years, and the tacit support by some ‘sporting conservation’ groups for the EDF agenda has fractionalized our recreational fishing community. With this latest lawsuit, it is going to be that much tougher to defend our right to fish for Gulf red snapper in the future – unless you’re ready to fight back.

So, are you ready to stand up and fight? Is it worth $25, $50, even $100 to have a group like RFA standing defiantly upon that wall, calling it as we see it, and defending your right to fish without compromise?

Are you happy with the actions of Congress? Are you willing to let corporate shareholders and showroom environmentalists dictate the future of your fishing, and that of your children? What’s next after red snapper; black sea bass tags, summer flounder shares, recreational cod auctions?

Is a $10 or $20 donation too much to ask to send a direct message to Washington DC that we will not give up our right of public access without a fight?

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