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????? A leader in marine safety service since 1981, Sea Safety professionals have dedicated their lives to the marine industry – and the safety of all mariners!  As a special offer to Recreatioanal Fishing Alliance (RFA) members, Sea Safety is offering discounted life raft service to new members.  Visit the RFA booth at the Atlantic City Boat Show, New Jersey Boat Show or Saltwater Expo for your discount, or call 888-564-6732 with your membership information and we’ll get you a members discount gift certificate from Sea Safety!
SKA The Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) is sportfishing’s largest saltwater tournament trail and one of the top annual contributors to the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA).  When you fish hard on the king mackerel circuit, you can win big and help support our efforts to protect your right to fish.  Learn more at www.fishska.com.