What is your right to fish actually worth?

A dollar a month?

Ten dollars a month?

How about $100,000 a month?!?!

Actually, $100K a month is about what Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) pays on average to their lobbying firm at K&L Gates, the same firm hired to represent commercial fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico in a lawsuit that argues how recreational fishermen aren’t being punished enough by our federal government.

Question is, are you willing to defend yourself by donating $10, $20, $50, even $100 to the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) to fight back?

If this latest attack by the EDF radicals and their commercial allies in the Gulf of Mexico is successful, the future of recreational red snapper fishing in the United States could be changed forever.

The federal lawsuit filed by the EDF-funded Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance said the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) doesn’t have strong enough measures in place to prevent recreational fishermen from exceeding our annual catch limit of red snapper, and it argues for more restrictive recreational accountability measures in the red snapper fishery.

That’s right, commercial fishermen, specifically the owners of individual fishing quota (IFQ) and red snapper ‘catch shares’ – who are supported themselves by the Environmental Defense Fund – would like to force more restrictive measures on recreational anglers in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a ‘winner take all’ legal battle that if won by the environmentalists and their commercial allies, will eventually put individual fish tags and recreational IFQ into place for the sportfishing community and destroy traditional open access for millions of American anglers.

If you thought it was bad enough today with the serious recreational restrictions on Gulf reef fish species like red snapper, grouper and even triggerfish, the EDF radicals, their lobbyists and a collection of well-funded resource owners are suing our federal government to make it even worse – and their success could forever change the way you fish!

Imagine if 10,000 saltwater anglers contributed just $10 right now to the Recreational Fishing Alliance? Think of what we could accomplish and the message we could send to Congress?

Sorry to say, the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) is the only organization chartered politically in the United States willing to stand up against these hostile attacks against our angling community – and regrettably, we continue to stand mostly alone in staunch opposition to groups like EDF and the Pew Environment Group who continue to pay handsomely for silence.

Skeptical? “Before I donate even just $10 to this cause, I’d sure like to see details.” Of course you would, because the fact is that most of this very public information has been ‘privatized’ much like the red snapper fishery itself. Few media outlets have delved into the seriousness of this situation, and fewer still are willingly to admit that the RFA has been right on target with our warnings.

So before you join the 10,000 anglers contributing just $10 or more right now to fight back against the environmentalists and commercial fishermen who have united to take away your right to fish, RFA invites you to read the full story about the Environmental Defense Fund’s latest attack on America’s saltwater anglers.

Click here to read more, or go directly to www.rfa.tvsdev.com/whats-your-freedom-to-fish-worth